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Barbarafield Riding School is open from Tuesday to Sunday throughout the year during daylight hours. Hacks and lessons are available during the week and in the summer evenings. We can cater for a wide range of people, from the age of five years who usually have their first go on Scoot. The maximum weight we can take for any rider is 15 stone.

The Hacks are very popular as all experiences can be catered for on all the routes. The hacks go through the 300-plus acres of farmland owned by the Berwick family. The ride can be split into groups in the fields so experienced riders can have a canter while the novices or beginners can take a short cut for a walk and a trot to catch up. Instruction is given as and when required. For the little ones, we have our half-hour instructional hack which is a nice introduction to horse riding. Once the trotting is mastered we move them on to the hour hacks.

There are fun days held for the children during the school holidays and also activities for adults usually on a monthly basis at the weekends e.g. Pub Ride, Trail Ride. 2 hour and 3 hour hack are available on request. Our three hour trek covers 20 klm of land! These fast paced, scenic rides take you off the farm therefore riders must be confident in walk, trot and canter.

  Photography by Jim Crighton (c) Photograph by Jim Crighton (c)  
  Photography by Jim Crighton (c) Photograph by Jim Crighton (c)  

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